The Peter Starr carriage house has been in continuous use since its construction not long after the main house was built in 1822. Extraordinarily well preserved, with almost all of its original features, it is time for this beautiful piece of Middlebury history to begin a new life.

Located halfway between Town Hall Theater and Two Brothers Tavern, one-half mile to the Davis Family Library, the Peter Starr carriage house is perfect situated for a unique family home or office in beautiful downtown Middlebury.

Currently sitting upon its original stone foundation, the Peter Starr carriage house can be easily relocated onto a more modern basement, allowing it to be reconfigured to meet your home or office needs.

Use the handy contact form to begin the conversation about how you might become a part of the Peter Starr carriage house history.

The family who owned the property between 1962 and 2017 had the original lot split, so the carriage house already has its own property number, as well as a curb cut onto Cross Street.

Peter Starr House – Barn Main Entrance
Peter Starr House – Barn Main Level
Peter Starr House – Barn Attic